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Success Story

Puck's Anhydrosis

Name Date Location
Kim Sturgeon 01-Mar-2012 USA
Horse Breed Primary Horse Activity Prior Horse Condition Stance Product Used
Quarter Horse Cross
Pleasure Riding
Poor Coat Condition
CoolStance Copra
Before After

While I do not have a lot of photos documenting "before" and "after" with Puck's anhydrosis, I have included a few photos which I feel help tell her story.  When she was looking really poor during the two summers of her complete anhydrosis (2008-2010), I did not take photos of her because I was embarrassed about how she looked.  At the time I was not thinking about documenting things as I was terrified I would never be able to cure her problem and she would just continue to go down and suffer more each summer.  When her anhydrosis was bad, she would also lose patches of hair in the heat of the summer and her coat would get very dull and coarse.  During the winter and early spring she would not look bad.  

We are absolutely thrilled with how well she did last summer with no treatment at all for the anhydrosis!

Best, Kim

May 2010 – You can see that Puck is overweight, no sweating, hair loss in front of the stifle area. Coast is shiney though. I’m feeding Seminole Wellness grain at this time.


August 2010 – Heat of Summer. You can see additional hair loss here, still no sweating, coat now dull. Still feeding Seminole Wellness grain here.

September 2010 – I had taken Puck off grain and was now feeding her a fortified chopped forage by Triple Crown (Alfalfa/Timothy mix), called “Safe Starch”. She’s still heavy, no sweating, dull coat.

August 2011 – Heat of summer. This is two weeks after switching to CoolStance. Note the beginning patches in front of the stifle area and forearm pits!

August 2011 – Same day, view from the other side. Again, you can see here beginning stages of sweating mechanism returning. Two weeks on CoolStance.

April 2012 – 8months on CoolStance. It was not hot here yet, but this was the first summer she sweated since 2007!! Coat is beautiful, no hair loss all summer.