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CoolStance copra is a unique horse feed because it has low Non Structural Carbohydrate (NSC), and yet has a high digestible energy content.
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PowerStance is a unique powdered coconut oil supplement. PowerStance delivers the secret ingredient from CoolStance as a powder.
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Success Story

Lean horse enjoys CoolStance

Name Date Location
Kathleen Bono 02-Aug-2012 Northwood, NH
Horse Breed Primary Horse Activity Prior Horse Condition Stance Product Used
Pleasure Riding
Poor Body Condition
CoolStance Copra
Before After

Billie is an 8 year old OTTB who lives the life of luxury (AKA essentially retired).  Since I bought her as a 3 year old, she has always been on the lean side.  I have never fed her traditional grains, but have tried Black Oil Sun Flower Seeds, flax, hay cubes (both timothy and alfalfa) and Beet Pulp at various times and at various combinations.  She has always had hay available at all times.  Her “before” picture is the best weight I had been able to get her to.  She has put on even more weight since that “after” picture was taken.  As we are heading into winter soon, I wanted to fatten her up as much as I could.  Right now, she gets about 8 dry cups of CoolStance a day, split into 2 meals.  


 PS – Billie’s winter coat shows in the “before” picture along her ribs/belly.    The “after” picture is in full summer and I can even FEEL the gloss and shine when I pet her.